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The Association was organized in 1958.  However, its roots go back to the summer of 1956 with Mission Hills Country Club, Homestead Country Club, Leawood Country Club and the Kansas City Country Club Swim Association.  A championship meet was held for their young swimmers and divers that summer and the event was duly recorded in the Kansas City Times on August 19, 1956.  A similar meet was held the following year.

In 1958, the group was reorganized as the Kansas City Golf and Country Club Swim Association with the stated purpose of promoting competitive swimming among its member clubs.  Charter members were: Blue Hills, Indian Hills, Kansas City, Milburn, Mission Hills and Tomahawk Hills Country Clubs.  A constitution and by-laws were adopted and competitive meets began.  In 1958, 1959 and 1960 an All-Star Team, selected from member clubs, entered many Midwest AAU meets with much success.

In 1962 Brookridge joined the Association,  followed by Victory Hills in 1964.  In 1968, the name was changed to the present name of the Country Club Swim Association of Kansas City. Carriage Club became a member in 1968, followed by Leawood South in 1970.  Tomahawk Hills resigned in 1967.  Victory Hills ceased to participate following the 1973 season.  In 1990, the Association welcomed two new clubs, Hallbrook Country Club and Oakwood Country Club.

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